New Career Goal for a New Year

Making new years resolutions on January 1st has long been a popular practice, but often these goals are rarely executed. Instead, this year create a career goal with a plan to accomplish it, and no worries- we can help you! Our office provides key tools and resources to help you accomplish all your career goals.

Using the SMART method to create your goals can be helpful, as it gives you a framework to create a goal, timeline, and smaller steps to accomplish your goal.


Think of a really specific goal you'd like to accomplish within a specific time frame. The more specific the goal, the better chance you have to accomplish it. For example, "I want to get a job that will allow me to use my degree and go back to school part-time."


Think about how you will measure success while completing your goal. Create smaller resolutions to work towards your goal; these can include your action-oriented steps. For example, one of your action items is to apply to three jobs every week, and if you've done that for a month, treat yourself in a small way. This can help you stay motivated while accomplishing your goal.

A= Action Oriented

What are three steps you plan to take to achieve your goal. Try to make at least two of these steps fairly regular in your schedule. For the job example, three action items might be:

  1. Apply for at least two jobs every week.

  2. Connect with at least one person who works for a company I am interested in each week.

  3. Track my applications and follow up after a week if I haven't heard back from the employer.

Once you've chosen your action items, be sure to add them to your calendar. This will help to keep you accountable for the goals you've set for yourself. If you are applying for jobs, block out some specific time in your calendar to search for and apply for positions.


Recognize what resources are available to you to accomplish your goal. Our office has a number of career-related programs, services, and resources that could help you accomplish any number of goals. Here are just a few:

Remember that you have built in resources in your life already. Choose an accountability buddy to check in with you and your progress towards your career goal. An accountability buddy can be a friend, family member, mentor, colleague, or anyone else you know who will check in with you regularly. Checking in can be as simple as sending them a text when you accomplish your action items or meeting with them (virtually or in person) to talk about some difficulties you've had so far.


What is the timeframe in which you want to accomplish your specific goal? Make it a date, and mark that date in your calendar. This will help to serve as a reminder of your goal and how far you've come to accomplish it.

Take the time to celebrate your smaller accomplishments as you work towards your goal. For example, if you successfully complete all your action items for a month, treat yourself to your favorite food, a movie night, spa day, etc. Working towards smaller increments and rewarding yourself along the way can help make your goal more manageable.

Questions about creating and accomplishing your career goal? Email us at or comment below.

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