Interviewing in the Virtual Era

Virtual interviewing is the new norm and may continue to be a popular option when social distancing measures are not as strict. A new interviewing medium, however, requires additional know-how and skills. These are our best tips for preparing for your next virtual interview.

Confirm the deets.

Double check with the employer the details of your interview. Add the date, time, and method (phone or video call) in your calendar. If it is over the phone, do you have the proper phone number? If it is over a video call, be sure you have the correct link.

Double check your technology.

For a phone interview, check that where you will be during the interview gets good service and charge your phone beforehand. For a video call interview, which platform will you be using? If possible, test it beforehand with a friend to make sure your camera and microphone settings are set up the way you want them and that your WiFi works properly.

Decide where you will interview.

Since you won't be meeting the employer for the interview, think ahead of time where you'll be during the interview. You'll want to choose a location that is quiet, and for a video call, has good lighting. For a video call, double check what will be your background. Something neutral is best. You don't want to appear to be laying down or sitting on your bed.

Dress for Success.

Even though you aren't meeting with the employer face-to-face, still plan to dress business professional or business casual. Not only will this help to make a good impression, but it can also help to get you in the proper mindset for your interview. If you are not sure what to wear, consult our "Dress for Success" guide. This guide is also helpful to consult for networking and other professional events.

Do your research.

Look at the company's website and do some basic employment research about your position and the company. This will help you with any questions you might have for the interviewer, especially those pertaining to company culture, job duties, and salary.

Practice some interview questions.

You can use our online platform Big Interview to practice common general interview questions and industry specific questions. Big Interview recently updated to include an A.I. (artificial intelligence) tool that gives you immediate feedback on your answers. If you'd like to practice with a human, you can make an appointment on Handshake with a professional career advisor.

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